Tree Felling

Tree Felling

The felling of a tree is always our last resort.  However, there are a variety of circumstances where there is no option other than to remove a tree such as:

Safety  Dead, diseased or dying trees can pose a threat to surrounding trees and the environment and therefore, often need to be removed.  Dead wood and damage to the stability of trees can create a safety hazard, particularly in strong winds.  Disease, if not contained, can spread to surrounding trees with the risk of contaminating and eliminating other species.  

Location Sometimes trees might be unsuitable for their location where there is subsidence or the risk of subsidence.  Tree roots can seriously impact the stability of foundations and drainage particularly if an unsuitable tree has been planted close to a building and often, insurance companies recommend felling.

Visual considerations The main reason for felling is for safety reasons but in some circumstances, they need to be cut down for aesthetic reasons or due to lack of light.

Tree Felling

Whatever the reason, there are laws surrounding the felling of trees which need to be adhered to so we would always discuss and plan your needs.

If a tree is protected by a preservation order or is located in a conservation area, no work can be carried out until the relevant permission from the authorities has been given.

Tree felling can be very dangerous and should be carried out correctly by a professional tree care specialist.

Marcus Goose Tree Care Specialists offer a complete Tree Felling service. From selecting the felling method appropriate to the surroundings, felling it and then removing the tree from your location. We will always make an assessment of the area taking into account the situation and surroundings, identifying any risks and hazards.

We are tidy chaps and will always leave the area clear removing the chippings, twigs and fallen leaves, although wood can be left if requested.  

We have access to all the necessary specialist equipment which includes climbing and rigging gear, safety equipment, chainsaws, cherry pickers and more.  You can be reassured that we have the experience, licences and insurance required and we operate in a safe, efficient and considerate manner.

We are able to remove trees of any size – from smaller garden trees  to larger trees in parks or public spaces, providing we have the relevant permission to do so.  Removing a tree can be done in different ways depending on the location of the tree.  

Straight Tree Felling

We only use this method when the removal of the tree poses no risk to damaging people or property. If there is enough space around a tree and it is safe to do so, a tree may be felled using a series of directional diagonal cuts to dictate and control which way the tree will finally fall.  The branches and trees are then broken down on the ground.  This can be the easiest and swiftest method but not always possible because of the location.

Sectional Tree Felling

For trees located in tighter spaces such as close to buildings or power lines, over a road or in a public area, our experienced tree fellers dismantle the complete tree in sections. Using harnesses and ropes, the tree will need to be climbed and dismantled in small sections, often using lowering devices to safely lower heavy branches and timber down to the ground in a safe and controlled manner. If the tree is dead, diseased or dying, it may be unsafe to climb.  In these circumstances, we use a cherry picker to dismantle the tree. We are fully insured and work in total compliance with local and national regulations.

Stump Removal and Grinding

After a tree has been felled, often the stumps need to be removed to eliminate a trip hazard, stop any future suckering where new shoots arise from the trunk and roots or to stop the spread of disease of Armillaria (honey fungus) throughout the ground.  We provide a stump removal service if required and more details may be found here.

If stump grinding isn’t a requirement, we leave the stump to a minimum of 1.2m to ensure that it won’t become a trip hazard.




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