Services we offer

We offer the full range of tree care services including crown thinning and reduction, crown lifting, deadwood removal and as a last resort, tree felling.  A selection of our services have been outlined below.

We use a variety of methods and equipment.  We use climbers and the latest rigging techniques or cherry pickers to ensure there is no damage to property.

Please be assured that we are a polite, friendly and professional team. We aim to leave everything tidy for you after we have finished the work. All the waste is taken away and recycled, unless, of course, you would like to keep the wood for logs or chippings.

Crown lifting

Lifting the canopy of a tree can help increase the light to the area undernath the tree as well as to homes and buildings.  It also reduces any branches encroaching on roads or close to buildings.  For more information on crown lifting, click here

Crown thinning

Crown thinning is the most common type of pruning of mature trees.  It involves the removal of a portion of the smaller branches in the crown of the tree to let in light, reduce the weight of the tree and to reduce wind resistance.  Click here further information.

Crown reduction

Crown reduction is carried out when a more severe pruning technique is required to reduce the overall size and weight of a tree.  More information about this can be found here.

Deadwood pruning and removal

The removal of dead wood from trees is an important task that should not be ignored.  Removing it not only prolongs the health of a tree but also removes the risk of falling debris onto people or property. Further information can be found here.

Tree Felling

As a last resort, sometimes it is necessary to remove the whole tree.  It may be carried out by dismantling the tree in ‘sections’ where a tree is in difficult surroundings such as close to a building, power lines etc.  Or it may be removed by ‘straight’ felling with one cut if there is enough clear area and there is no risk to property or people.

More information about tree felling, click here.


Stump Removal and Grinding

A stump will be left above ground level after a tree has been felled.  This can be left in the ground or we can remove the stump to stop the spread of disease or to avoid a trip hazard.  A stump can be removed in a number of ways including stump grinding using specialist equipment.  We have provided  information about the options available here.

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