Deadwood Removal

Deadwood Removal

Deadwood pruning a tree is carried out to remove dead, broken or vulnerable limbs and branches before they cause further damage to the tree, to people or the surroundings.  If left, they will affect the overall health of a tree as rot can set in and spread to healthy areas of the tree.  These limbs can also fall during high winds and storms.

Deadwood within trees is a fairly common occurence, especially in mature trees.  Dead and decaying branches should either be completely removed or shortened if they pose a risk to people, property and the area.  It is also dependant on the species and condition of a tree. 

We often carry out deadwood removal in commercial and public environments as an integral part of their health and safety policy. It is also essential in areas of high traffic ensuring that deadwood doesn’t fall and cause injury, damage or even fatalities.

After the deadwood has been removed, we will always leave the area clear removing the chippings, twigs and fallen leaves and recycle the wood, although it can be left if requested.

Deadwood can also provide vital habitats for wildlife and this is also considered when assessing deadwood. 

We recommend annual deadwood inspection of your trees, especiallly in public or busy areas.



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